As I was walking around Southgate Mall a while back I was looking at all of the changes that have happened in just the last couple of years and it started the conversation about shops that have come and gone over the years. Southgate Mall opened up in August of 1978 and in their almost 50 years of serving Missoula, we have seen stores come and go. We asked our listeners what stores they remembered and the list was long, but by no means was it complete, I am not sure if we will ever get a full accounting of all of the stores, restaurants, and bars that have been in the "Mall", but you guys sure helped fill some gaps. I know there will be even more that we have forgotten, so don't hesitate to let us know what else we are missing,


I can't believe I forgot Musicland. I spent so much time in that store. At the time I had a "Walkman" so I was all about the cassettes.

Motherhood Maternity

No wonder I forgot about this store, not really for me. Just as the name implies, it was a maternity store.

Radio Shack

I always wanted the remote control cars, dune buggies, and more, but we couldn't afford it, so most of the time I just go free batteries. I also dreamed of building my own radio station someday, Radio Shack helped fuel that dream.

Smith's Knife and Stone

It was a knife store. As I got older I bought a butterfly knife from there once. They would also offer knife sharpening. They had a huge motorized Swiss Army knife in the window that the blades would move up and down, I always thought it was real.


They made custom-made t-shirts while you waited. My sister got one that had a rainbow on it and she wore that thing for years.

Lady Foot Locker

It was a Foot Locker. but for ladies. I never went in there.

Morrow's Nut House

I was always trying to get free samples from anywhere I could. I could only imagine how annoying I was to the employees of that store. If you ever worked there, I can honestly tell you I am sorry.

Mrs. Fields

The smell of cookies filled the air in the mall. I was like a moth to a flame. I was bummed out when they closed down.

Ogg's Shoes

Back to school shopping at Ogg's. I remember when I would get a new pair of shoes and the shoe salesman would tell me that they would make me run fast, so of course I would have to try that out, and they actually did make me run fast!

Lenny's Lounge

I never went in there, it was dark and I was young.

Adair Jewelers

Before they moved to Reserve Street they were in the mall. I couldn't afford anything there, because I was young and jobless before they moved.

Cafe Dolce

Cafe Dolce has closed down just recently. I loved the gelato, I always got the vanilla with chocolate flavor that I couldn't pronounce.


They had a really good burger. I missed them when they moved out of the mall and I still miss them when they closed on Reserve.

Jean Nicole

Another women's store that I didn't go into. My mom never shopped there and neither did my sisters.

Granny's Buffet

I only went there a couple of times. I was all about the King's Table. I even worked there for a while.

The Fountain

Not a store, shop, restaurant, bar or shop. It was the fountain and it made the list, kind of like the train in the first list. I miss it, I would throw change in it when I had some, it always made me feel like it was a "big city mall" with a fountain.

I know we are missing more businesses that have come and gone in the Southgate Mall, so feel free to let us know what we are missing and we will go for round 3!

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