Last week I wrote an article that listed 5 Missoula-made gift ideas, but there's so much great stuff in this town that I had to write this to tell you some more. There's also this list of Montana-made gift ideas, but as a Missoulian, I'm trying to keep my Christmas gifts as local as possible. Supporting my city's businesses makes the holidays even more heartwarming, so here's more Missoula-made gift ideas:

Custom Jewelry

It's a bold and powerful gift, probably not best suited for that lady you just had your second date with. Studio Pandora and Honey Jewelers are two places in Missoula that offer customized bling.

Coffee Gift Card

In the cold months following Christmas, a lot of Missoulians would appreciate the warm, comfy refuge of a coffee shop. If you want to hook up the coffee sipper in your life, consider giving them a gift card to places like Black Coffee Roasting Company or Drum Coffee. If you know someone who'd like their cup of joe on the go, a gift card to Wanderful Espresso is a great option.

Band Merch

If your friend or family member likes a local band, consider giving them some merch from a local band. Not only will they love the gift itself, I think they'll also appreciate that you supported their favorite local musicians in the process. There's a lot of bands in Missoula to choose from, like the bluegrass band formed in Missoula, The Lil Smokies or the Missoula-based metal band Blessid Doom, they don't have anything for sale according to their website right now, but maybe soon.

Custom Trophy

Not every trophy has to be won in a sports tournament, so maybe visit All American Trophy and show someone exactly why you think they're great.


Personally, I'm a big fan of Conflux Brewing.

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