The cost of heating is going to be higher his season. We always hear that it seems, but now Montana will be more aware of the effects of inflation and international energy demands than we’ve felt before. You can’t control global politics and wholesale prices but you can fight the energy vampires. Setting the thermostat a degree or two cooler will help, but you can save more in a month by kicking the power-sucking vampires out of your rooms. Those are electrical power-draining devices you don’t think are hurting your pocketbook, but they certainly are!

You are not alone

You don’t think about unplugging your charger from the wall when grabbing the phone and heading out in the morning, do you? It is still using energy being plugged in. Just sitting there. Blah, Blah, Blah!

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Vampires are devices that use the juice when turned off or aren’t in use. Your TV, desktop computer or gaming consoles are ideal examples. I found out lightbulbs will eat up to 4 cents of power every hour when turned off, so unplug that desktop lamp you rarely use.
In the kitchen, unplug toasters or that blender and can opener until you need it. Do you have any battery chargers plugged in? Stock tank or pipe wrap that is not on a 32-degree freeze plug/timer? You can think of this one of two ways. You are saving energy, or not using power to begin with. You win because you don’t pay for it!

Some other Ideas that might help you save:

*Turn off ceiling fans when leaving the room.
*Minimize electric space heaters, except for temporary spot heating. Turn it off when leaving. They use tons of power.
*Caulk around storm windows and basement windows. You have to PAY to heat those areas, why do you want to let the heat go outside for free?
*If you haven’t already installed a programmable thermostat, save even more on heating.
*Fix the drips. A leaky faucet or pipe makes your water heater run needlessly, using a lot more natural gas or electricity to heat that water.
*Turn off bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans 15 minutes after you’ve done your business. I know someone who is really bad at walking off and leaving this run for hours. Not naming names…
You can find more if you look around I’m sure.

Your power company offers a free or low-cost energy audit. An assessment that can identify if your home is wasting energy. Take advantage of that! Look on their website or your bill for contact numbers. Easy peasy.

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