We made it past the middle of the year. The tipping point where we start to lose daylight, the stuff we hoped so very much for just a few months ago is ticking away a few moments a day until the slide becomes noticeable as minutes and we feel like its bedtime at 4:30 in the afternoon. Yes, it is Summertime and short as it is you still may have time to fulfill that New Year’s Resolution that needs some fluffing up.    

Young woman is sad because she has to exercise and eat healthy for holidays.
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How about that exercise routine? (I just chortled) Montana YOU distracted Me! I’ve been busy working out- the schedule at home about who gets to go to the gym, at what time and with all our buds telling us about their favorite workout haunts we just never got around to it. With so much to do outside do we really have to go to a gym? Yup. It’s pricy. I got a bike instead to ride around the neighborhood but I’m not getting as much satisfaction as I’d hoped.     

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I also resolved to hike a trail and enjoy some of our magnificent Big Sky Country. People PAY to vacation here yet I hardly stick a nose outside during daylight sometimes. I have yet to find a pair of shoes- Hiking, Boot or Sneaker that have not formulated a soul squeezing blister just far enough up a trailhead to remind me that I should have indeed taken up Swimming. You can hit up Walk Missoula for some great tips to get started. I’ve seen some others on the trail getting into shape so I know time is on the move.

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But hey, we still have almost a half year left to get it right!  


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