College football has begun and the air smells like smoke as so the seasons start the transition to fall in the Montana valleys. Even with recent sporadic rainfall, one thing remains constant everywhere, the need to continue watering the trees that shade our streets and homes. It is a Missoula City ordinance that requires property owners to care for adjacent street trees.

Photo credit: Google Maps. Missoula, Montana
Photo credit: Google Maps. Missoula, Montana

Well, Missoula does have a lot of them, so many trees it has its own Urban Forestry DivisionA dedicated staff that takes care of the planning and management of Missoula trees and is called upon in stormy weather and on holidays too. A dedicated bunch we are talking about. These city trees have a cheering section too!  

Back to the question: Do Missoula’s trees need to be watered?

Yes, they do, and if you have a storefront downtown or a home with a tree on the property in Missoula, it's up to you to water it.  You can look up the city ordinance if you want, but all trees require water, especially in late summer. Trees are permanently damaged by a lack of water during hot weather. Missoula’s climate is semi-arid, and our driest months are July, August, and September. How much should you water? You have a great source of handy information to find that out.  

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It’s coming up a good time to clean up and prune or get thinking about planting new trees. The Urban Forestry Division can help you with information and sometimes limited assistance. You can always send an email to for more details. 

Remember That Tree Fan Club?

Check out Trees For Missoula for all manor of information about Missoula’s Urban Forest, some history of the valley along with gardening, and essential volunteer opportunities that you can enjoy being out and about in the once glacial lake Missoula basin.

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