The Montana Special Olympics once again is gearing up for "Polar Plunge Season" across the state. The season will kick off November 25th in Sidney, Montana and wrap up in February 25th in Missoula. This is a fun and important event for the Special Olympics. I have had the privilege to be able to MC these events over the years because I have been too chicken to do the plunge myself.

Over the years I have seen many jumpers and have picked up a tip or two to make your experience fun and as painless as possible for jumping into almost freezing water for a good cause.

Less Is More

I know it may seem counterintuitive, but the less clothes you wear the better it will be. The more clothes you have the more water you have against your skin and the harder it is to warm up after.

Brian and Chris/Credit: Chris Wolfe
Brian and Chris/Credit: Chris Wolfe

Lose The Cape

Costumes are encouraged and are fun! If you are going to be dressing up, but I would recommend not adding a cape. I know we all like superheroes, but capes and water don't mix, just like in "The Incredibles".

Go Fast

Get in, get out, get on your way to warmth. The quicker you get in the quicker you can get out.

Have Fun

All the people involved try to make this a fun event for everyone. A lot of the athletes enjoy watching everyone take the plunge for them and they cheer on the athletes that have the courage to the dip themselves. It is great to watch the Police, Sherriff Dept. and Highway Patrol, take the plunge as part of the Torch Run helping out the Special Olympics. Even if you decide not to jump yourself, it is worth it to watch the spectacle and to have a good time to help a great cause.

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