PETA has a new target in their battle for the ethical treatment of animals. It's a merry-go-round maker in Kansas that uses animals in the carousels they create. According to Fox News, PETA's stance is the use of animals celebrates animal exploitation.

Carousel For Missoula Won't Have To Change Anytime Soon

One of Missoula's most popular attractions is the Carousel for Missoula which opened to the public in 1995, after "over 100,000 hours of volunteer time had gone into the construction of 38 permanent ponies". I have ridden the carousel many times, my favorite horse is "Paint" which was designed by artist Larry Pirnie followed closely by "Freya" which is modeled after a Norwegian Fjord horse. For me the carousel horses represent Montana. I, personally, don't feel that these horses are celebrating animal exploitation as much as they celebrate Montana history. There is one ride on the carousel that wouldn't have to be replaced and that is the dragon "Scafti".

Suggestions for Alternative Carousel Rides Inspired by Montana

If we were to reimagine the Carousel for Missoula without using animals, we have a few suggestions that are inspired by Montana.

Alternative Carousel Subaru
Credit: Canva

Subarus- We all know that Montana's unofficial vehicle is the Subaru. Riding in one on a carousel, would be similar to driving one on the highway, it will go just about as fast.

Alternative Carousel Tubes
Credit: Canva

Float Tubes- There are so many great rivers in Montana and floating them using an inner tube is a tradition that would make a great ride.

Alternative Carousel Clouds
Credit: Canva

Clouds- Montana is the "Big Sky State" and our skies are full of clouds. Riding around in circles on a fluffy cloud sounds like it would be a good time had by all.

Alternative Carousel Music
Credit: Canva

Music Notes- Montana has some amazing musicians and has inspired countless songs. It would only make sense to go around a merry-go-round on some big musical notes.

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Alternative Carousel Sasquatch
Credit: Canva

Bigfoot/Sasquatch- Montana is known to be a popular state for spotting Sasquatch. There is a festival in Arlee, Montana that is dedicated to Sasquatch. How cool would it be to ride around in circles on Bigfoot? Totally Montana. But, this could be considered an animal according to PETA. I am not sure what their stance is on Sasquatch.

Let's Just Keep It the Way It Is

I don't think the Carousel for Missoula will need to be changing their rides anytime soon, but if they do they can take some inspiration from our alternative suggestions. Check out the pics below for some more examples of alternative carousel rides inspired by Montana.

13 Alternative Montana Inspired Carousel Rides

Gallery Credit: Chris Wolfe

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