Airline travel has sure changed over time. There was a time when flying on a plane was a pretty big deal and only the wealthy could afford to travel that way. These days air travel is more affordable for most people. As Montana continues to expand we have seen more airlines make air travel accessible here.

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When it comes to which airlines are the "best", WalletHub has put together their list of "Best Airlines (2024)". They rated the top 10 airlines in the country and the airline that tops them all is also a popular airline that services Montana.

The Best Airlines for 2024

WalletHub took into account 13 different metrics across multiple airlines. They looked at affordability, reliability, comfort, and more. The top 5 airlines according to WalletHub are:

  1. Alaska Airlines
  2. SkyWest Airlines
  3. Spirit Airlines
  4. Delta Airlines
  5. United Airlines

SkyWest airlines is a regional airline, yet they still made the list. Most of the best airlines service Montana. Alaska, United, and Delta are some of the more popular airlines in Montana.

Flying Safety Is a Concern For Me

Spirit Airlines is the most affordable airline, I haven't flown Spirit, so I can't speak to what kind of airline they are. I have flown Alaska Airlines more than any of the others, and I have always had a good experience with them. If I had to rank the airlines, I would put them at the top of the list. When it comes to flying these days, for me, one of the most important things I care about is safety. According the report Spirit Airlines is the safest, with Alaska being a close second.

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Montana doesn't always have a lot of options when it comes to airline travel, but it is good to see the options we have are some of the best available anywhere.

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