Recently, I had a rage-inducing experience. The morning after the experience, I went to work and said to Chris: Hi, my name is Karen, and I'd like to speak to the manager. Here's what happened.

I ordered a treadmill and I didn't get any information about when it was coming, and then one day it just appeared in my driveway. I wrote a letter about it. 

Really though, when I saw that treadmill in my driveway, I wanted to break stuff. What made me mad was how much effort I put into planning and filling out forms so that the treadmill wouldn't arrive unannounced (and when my husband was out of town). But I'm calling myself a Karen because I know, it's a "first world" problem. There are bigger things to be mad about.

I could be angry about legislation being proposed to criminalize teachers and librarians for having obscene materials in schools. Heck, I could be angry about illegal hunting or the balloon(s). There are a lot of things a person could be angry about. That's why having a place like Unhinged LLC in Missoula is so great.

What Is a Rage Room?

Unhinged has a great explanation on its website:

It's a fun and creative space to break, smash, destroy, annihilate, bash, throw, crush, shatter, rip, batter and splatter all kinds of stuff in a safe, healthy, and controlled environment.

They make it pretty easy to book a room, either by yourself or with friends, show up, and start breaking stuff. But here's the kicker: they need more stuff for people to break!

They recently posted to their Facebook page that they're asking people to bring glass to the facility:

If you read the comments, some people ask about what happens to the glass or electronics that people drop off and they say that the glass is disposed of and the electronics are recycled. Since there aren't many (any?) options for glass recycling, it's nice that this glass will be taking up less space in the landfill. They do have some limitations about what can be smashed (besides glass) so check out their FAQ page before dropping anything off.

I hope they can get me in today.

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