The 2023 Z100 Great Pumpkin, is back hiding for the 60th year. This year it is powered by TrailWest Bank.  It is your job to find the magic gourd. If you are the lucky one to find the pumpkin, you need to follow the directions that are included inside the pumpkin. It is an orange plastic pumpkin that is clearly marked as the Z100 Great Pumpkin. The finder of the pumpkin will win a prize pick that is filled with the following:

  • Paradise Falls gift certificate $30
  • Silver Slipper Casino gift card valued at $50
  • Noon's gift cards valued at $100
  • Lolo Liquor $150
  • Magic Touch Car Wash punch card $50
  • Montana Club gift cards valued at $100
  • Old Chicago Pizza gift card valued at $50
  • Blackfoot Communications gift basket valued at $100
Great Pumpkin/Credit: Chris Wolfe
Great Pumpkin/Credit: Chris Wolfe
Great Pumpkin/Credit: Chris Wolfe
Great Pumpkin/Credit: Chris Wolfe

Here are the clues so far:

  • The needles are near by
  • I can be used all year round
  • Yes, it's a gravel road
  • Higher and steeper than a hill 
  • One trail is past, one is before
  • No motors allowed 
  • East or West gives you options 
  • Look to the trees 
  • A hole you can’t fall into 
  • If you miss the turn you will go in circles
  • Flat and round 
  • Closer to the road than you may think 

Remember the Great Pumpkin is not buried. It is not next to any buildings. It is not fenced in. It is not at the fairgrounds. It is not at any golf courses or cemeteries. Please try to respect people's property when searching for the Great Pumpkin. For the list of rules please click here. Good luck in your search.

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