Missoula, have you been missing Big Sky Breakout?

If you want to scratch your escape room-itch, your chance is coming up this summer. And for any "Wicked" fans, this seems like a nice warm-up for the movie's release in November 2024.

The Oz Escape is Coming to Missoula

This is one of those events that's great to do with friends and is even more fun if you like costumes (Missoula, this is all you). July 20, Missoulians in groups of 2-6 will have the chance to play in a Wizard of Oz-themed outdoor escape room.

Have you ever tried one of these before? Missoula has had several themed events over the past few years, some escape-style giggle-while-running-through-downtown-while-trying-to-read-clues-on-your-phone events, some haunted houses, and some mysteries.

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Do you remember when the University of Montana turned the University Center into Wonderland? Or any Harry Potter anything that happened in Missoula?

It makes me think about the conspiracy theory that Missoula doesn't exist, or if it does, it's part of some fairytale. So let's consider the inspiration for these events:

  • a girl with a 'smart guy', a 'sensitive guy', and a 'tough guy'
  • a girl on a 'trip'
  • a boy wizard and his wizard and witch friends

Given the source material, which theme do you think feels the most 'Missoula'?

Details for the Wizard of Oz Escape Experience

  • Date: July 20, 2024
  • Time: 10 am - 4 pm
  • Where: outside (location will be sent to you via email)
  • How to Play: follow along on their app
  • Costume: not required, but you know it will be more fun if you do
  • Sign up: right here

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