Growing up in Missoula, trips to Spokane felt like going "to the big city." You'd hear people say, "I'm going shopping in Spokane for the weekend," or "I'm going to a show in Spokane" and it just became synonymous with entertainment and things to do that were "more" than Missoula had to offer.

Over time, Missoula has come to develop its own shopping, music, and food scene, but there are still plenty of reasons to visit for the weekend. It's easy to forget how much the city has to offer. Outside of winter storms over the pass, it's an easy drive, too.

Also, if you are traveling a long distance and are passing through between Missoula and Spokane or Couer d'Alene on your way to somewhere else, we've got a few suggestions on where to say in that stretch.

Getting out of the valley only makes a person appreciate Missoula more. Here are 7 reasons Missoulians should visit Spokane, Washington.

The Entertainment

You'll find some of the best concerts in our region in Spokane. Many touring acts make their way through Spokane simply because of proximity, and they have some great venues, too. This goes for touring Broadway shows as well.

Plus, just outside of Spokane is the largest and closest casino to Missoula, the Northern Quest Resort & Casino. They also have concerts and shows at The Pavilion and their outdoor amphitheater.

  • First Interstate Center for the Arts
  • Knitting Factory
  • Bing Crosby Theater
  • Northern Quest Resort & Casino

The Food

It's not so much that Spokane is known for its food, but it definitely has restaurants that Missoulians crave (Olive Garden anyone?).

  • Cyrus of Leary's Pies
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Olive Garden
  • Franks Diner
  • Dick's Hamburgers
  • Anthony's
  • Mizuna
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The Downtown

Sometimes it's nice to go bar hopping where everybody doesn't know your name.  Staying at the Davenport Grand also feels luxurious. And since you didn't have to spend money on a plane ticket to experience luxury, you can splurge on dessert or buy those new kicks you've had your eye on.

The Shopping

School shopping in Spokane was like an annual ritual. Now, it feels nostalgic and maybe a little like a relief from online shopping. It's also nice to visit the stores that Missoula doesn't have, like an Apple Store and a Nike Factory Store. Remember, if you show vendors your Montana driver's license you won't have to pay sales tax.

  • River Park Square
  • North Town Mall
  • The Hillyard Antique Mall
  • Sprague Union District
  • North Monroe District
  • Spokane Valley Mall

The Museums and Culture

A visit to Spokane can also be for the sake of learning about a different part of the country or experiencing a different culture. There are plenty of museums and galleries to keep a person engaged for days.

  • Gaiser Conservatory
  • Historic Flight Museum
  • Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture
  • Jundt Art Museum
  • Manito Park
  • Bing Crosby House

Miles of Paved Bike Path

The Centennial Trail between Spokane and the Idaho border is a visually diverting ride because the terrain changes often across the 37 miles of bike trails. It's a mixed-use trail so you can also walk, or inline skate.

Cheaper Flights

Probably the most frequent reason Missoulians find themselves in Spokane is for the cheaper or more direct flights that are available. Visiting Spokane doesn't have to be utility driven, but when you do need to fly, it's nice to be close(ish) to a large airport.

You Need to See Inside Spokane Mansion With Colossal Movie Theater

This Spokane mansion is the home of luxurious dreams and comes equipped with a full movie theater, elevator, offices straight from a Martin Scorsese movie, and lots and lots of space. Sitting on eight acres, the home is over 12,000 square feet and has five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

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