Of course, there is plenty to do in Missoula during the month of June, but if you appreciate art, handmade products, locally and regionally made products, or just a good old-fashioned dose of "hipster," one event you won't want to miss is the Missoula Summer MADE Fair. On the fence? Maybe these reasons will inspire you to attend.

1. You Can Support Local Artists

Missoula is lucky to have so many artists and artistic opportunities for the community, and some might assume you have to have tons of money to buy art but that's just not true. With over 160 artists in the show, there's sure to be art you can afford, whatever your budget may be.

2. It's Another Reason to Enjoy Caras Park

Since the updates to the Bear Tracks bridge and the newish awnings and walkways, Caras Park is even more pleasant. Plus, you can take a break from shopping and watch surfers at Brennan's wake, or take a ride on the Carousel.

3. Get Gift Ideas

Do you have friends and family who have summer birthdays? You're likely to find some great gift options at the Fair. If you're really organized, you can shop for the winter holidays and then hide the presents for six months (just try to remember where you put them).

4. You Can Be Part of a Sweat Shop Free Economy

Buying local and buying handmade means you can often meet the maker and know how or where you product came from.

5. Get Something to Eat and Drink

Make the event part of your day. Start your morning at the Farmer's Market, then head to the park after for lunch and browse the booths.

6. Get Ideas for Your Own Projects

Maybe you're an artist yourself and you're looking for inspiration. The Handmade Montana website actually has a section of its blog dedicated to tips and tricks for helping artists run a business.

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7. You Can Meet the Artists

It's one thing to buy local, but to hear the stories behind the products you buy, or share your gratitude with the artist you're supporting, these experiences offer moments for connection.

8. You Can Support Nonprofit Organizations

While there are only a few, you'll also have the opportunity to support nonprofits at the Fair. If you missed out on Missoula Gives, now's your chance.

Ever find something really cool at the MADE Fair? Send us a picture on our app.

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