One of Missoula's most popular river launches is expanding. The Sha-Ron Fishing Access in East Missoula is going to be getting more parking in a new lot. If you have ever used this access in the summer you know how busy it can get. Cars park along highway 200, which can be very dangerous. This is great news for floaters.

Construction Should Be Done By Summer

According to the Missoula County website, construction will be starting soon:

Missoula County will build an overflow parking lot and connected pedestrian trail directly northeast of the Sha-Ron Fishing Access Site on the Clark Fork River in East Missoula. One of the most popular river access sites for floaters, boaters and other recreationalists in the summer, Sha-Ron currently has a small, 25-vehicle parking lot, so many users park their vehicles along the shoulder of Highway 200. Though this is legal, it creates an unsafe environment for pedestrians and vehicles on the narrow roadway, which has speed limits of 45 and 55 mph.

This project is a collaboration between County departments and Montana state agencies. The new lot will hold 68 vehicles, reducing the number parked along the highway, and it will connect to the river access via a 0.2-mile shared-use path. The parking area will have portable bathroom facilities screened by a fence or barrier. A new bus stop will be located along Highway 200 between the two parking lot entrances.

Planned construction of the project is scheduled for spring 2023 and is estimated to take about two months. The goal is to have the parking lot available for the summer 2023 float season.

This May Make Floating Even More Popular In Missoula In The Summer

This will be almost three times the amount of parking that is currently available for floaters. Not only is this good news for the floaters, but it is good news for safety of floaters and drivers on Highway 200.

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