A few years ago, local musician, Andrea Harsell's truck broke down. For a working and travelling musician, this was not a good situation. While waiting for a new engine for her truck she had to do something with her time. Her partner, Erick Vines, had rented some equipment and cleared some space for a garden. Fast forward to the present and along with a farm there is a new roadside stand called Seed + Spoke Farms located at 9300 Butler Creek Road which opened a few weeks ago. The roadside stand is currently open from 9am-Dusk daily.

The Seed + Spoke Farms Roadside Stand is Open

I recently spoke with Andrea about her new venture. She has been very busy over the past year and a half with planning, planting, growing and harvesting. She spoke about the learning process:

I learned a lot about farming from the CFAC, the Community Food & Agricultural Coalition. They helped me be part of the Certified Farm Startup Program. We started out selling eggs from our chickens and have expanded from there.

Seed + Spoke Farms Has a lot To Offer

Seed + Spoke Farms grows using organic practices and offers a wide variety of products for sale. They still have the eggs, but now you can get kale, cauliflower, eggplant, hot peppers, carrots, tomatoes and fresh cut flowers. This year they have added in pumpkins, and squash.

The Missoula Farm Continues to Grow

As the farm has expanded Andrea has also become a certified bee keeper, look for honey to be added to the list. She also spends her mornings making homemade chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods that you can purchase at the stand. As the farm continues to grow, she has plans for even more on the horizon.

The Roadside Stand Will Be Open Until the Weather Decides Different

Andrea has dubbed her flower gardens the "Butterfly Field Gardens" in honor of her sister. The roadside stand, depending on the weather is planning to be open through mid-October. With the location close to the Missoula Montana Airport, it would be great to pick up a bouquet of beautiful flowers to surprise the people that you are picking up. You can also pre-order flowers 24 hours in advance to get the freshest bouquets. You can also order products from the Seed + Spoke Farms online store.

Credit: Seed + Spoke Farms via Facebook
Credit: Seed + Spoke Farms via Facebook

Andrea Harsell Is Still Making Music

If Andrea isn't busy enough, she is not going to be giving up her music. She will continue to perform and is planning on recording a new album soon. She still has some "songs she needs to get out".


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