Yes, Missoula recycles. Recently during a conversation the topic of recycling came up and a person was convinced that recycling doesn't actually happen. Companies just take the items meant for recycling and just throw them away. According to local recycling programs, that isn't true. Here are recycling programs that are offered in Missoula.

Republic Services-  Republic Services offer curbside pick up every other week. I spoke with Taylor S. at Republic Services. She confirmed that yes, they recycle. As to what they recycle she said: "We recycle plastics #1 through #7, carboard, beverage cans, paper, newspaper, shredded paper, clam shell containers, like to-go containers, envelopes, those are the items we recycle."

Grizzly Disposal and Recycling- At this time Grizzly Disposal and Recycling doesn't offer residential recycling, but they offer commercial recycling.

Recycling Works Missoula- Recycling Works Missoula is a non-profit organization that recycles. They take glass too. I spoke with Adam M. about the item they recycle. He told me: "We do glass, carboard, mixed paper, which is newspaper and white office paper. Metal cans, aluminum and steel cans and plastics, just one and two."

There Is Glass Recycling In Missoula

Recycling Works Missoula has been recycling glass for about four years now and have recycled over a million and a half pounds. Adam spoke more about the glass recycling process. He said: "We send that down to Salt Lake City, we've been tweaking the process over the years, but I think we got it down to a good system. Glass has a negative value, but we've been able to make it work.. one thing when it comes to shipping the glass. We've been able to use what's called a back haul truck. So these trucks that come up from Salt Lake City to deliver goods to stores, so they return empty. We are able to fill one of those with the glass, for a really good rate."

Glass Collection Event Is Coming In Missoula

Recycling Works Missoula also hosts "glass collection" events. They will be having one coming up this Sunday March 5th. Adam continued. "We have held them at Imagination Brewing. It will be from 9am-2pm. It's often people from outside Missoula, or maybe they don't have enough glass to use the monthly curbside service. This is an event for them. We have volunteers who unload it from their car. There is a suggested donation amount of $1 for every gallon of glass. So if someone has a five gallon bucket, the suggested donation would be $5. There is never any pressure, whatever feels good, any donation amount helps and is appreciated. We are a non-profit, so proceeds from those events and our curbside service, we donate back into the community."

Garden City Recycling- Garden City Recycling offers curbside service. According to their website they take cardboard, plastics #1 and #2, tin and aluminum cans, junk mail, newspaper/magazines, phone books and Bayern Brewing Eco Packs.

Pizza Boxes Yes Or No?

One item that I specifically had questions about was pizza boxes. According to both Republic Services and Recycling Works Missoula, you should not recycle pizza boxes. The grease contaminates them. The best way to dispose of them is to break them down in small pieces and compost them.

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