This just might make me want to get married all over again.

I'll start by saying I had a very unique wedding in Missoula. I got married in the basement of the Old Post. At the time, it was called Grotto Bella. This spring I reached out to the new management and asked if they would be reopening the basement. To my delight, they did.

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Getting married in their beautiful wine cellar was exactly what I wanted for my wedding. But if I were to do it again, I'd get married at the Missoula Public Library.

Getting Married at the Missoula Public Library

Before you think/call me a nerd, recall that the Missoula Public Library is literally the world's most beautiful library thanks to an award it won in 2022 and another one in 2023. Why wouldn't a person want to get married in that gorgeous building? Just take a look at the views:

Credit: Eric Warren
Credit: Eric Warren

An unobstructed view of Mount Sentinel from a taller-than-most-roofs patio. If you're wondering what a wedding from this might look like, someone has already done it.

Not to mention, it's the type of facility that has accommodations for large events.

You can see photos and a video from a wedding that took place on The People's Terrace over the Labor Day Weekend below just to see what it would be like:

Want to Have Your Wedding at the Missoula Public Library?

The Library offers The People's Terrace at no extra charge for anyone who reserves rooms or space on Level Four, that is if the reservation is after hours. You can find all the information you need to book your wedding, or any event, at this link.

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