The election season is picking up in Missoula and it is time to cast your vote again. Last year Missoulian's elected the very first "Pet Commissioner" for Missoula. For those that weren't aware the current pet commissioner "Gidge the Tripawed", a border collie has chosen not to run again. This opens the position up the elected position of "Missoula County's Pet Commissioner". There is nothing in the election that says the pet commissioner needs to be a dog.

Registration for Missoula's Pet Commissioner is On Now

According to the press release here are some of the details:

Residents can visit to register for the platform and submit their pets.
All pet species are eligible. The pet with the most votes will be declared winner after the contest
closes on Wednesday, Aug. 31, at 11:59 p.m.

Gidge Will be Missed in Missoula

Gidge was a fine pet commissioner for Missoula and as an advocate for some very important pet causes, like leashing dogs in areas where it is required, getting pets registered with Animal Control and more.

Missoula's Pet Commissioner Position is Open to All Kinds of Pets

There is nothing that says the next pet commissioner has to be a dog. If you have that feline friend who knows how to run a household and can take that attitude to the city, then they should be in the election. How about an iguana that knows how to get things done? What about a ferret that has the attitude to deal with Missoula and politics? Maybe a sheep or a chicken would make a good pet commissioner for Missoula. Everyone is invited to throw their collar, scales, tails, feathers or fur into the race.

Adorable Dogs of Missoula

Missoulians submitted pictures of their dogs for National Dog Day. Enjoy!

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