Thieves and scam artists are pervasive even in Missoula, Montana. There are so many that occur everyday. I have been a victim of mail theft. I have had been warned about my data possibly being breached by both, my mortgage company and recently from our dental insurance provider. I try to protect my information and be diligent, but there are so many companies out there that have our personal information that are at risk and there is nothing you can do.

So Many Scams Are Hitting Montana

We have gotten to the point there are warnings to not send checks through the mail anymore. At least once a week I get a bogus text about a fictitious bank account, or an order that couldn't be delivered. That doesn't count the amount of fraudulent emails that I get daily.

Amazon Is Trying To Stop Theft in Missoula

Recently I saw something in Missoula, at Pattee Creek Market grocery store, that gave me pause. It is an Amazon package delivery machine. I was wondering why they had a machine like that, and then I figured it out. It is a way to thwart the old "Porch Pirates" around town. They seem to have become more common with the amount of online ordering that is part of our everyday lives.

Amazon Package Delivery Machine Missoula
Credit: Chris Wolfe

The Need For This Bums Me Out

This is a way you can get your packages delivered to a secure location and you don't have to worry about someone pilfering your deliveries off of your porch. This makes sense, but it bums me out that we have gotten to this point in Missoula. Even though I have been a victim of theft and I feel like I am constantly trying to ward off scams every day, I don't know if there will be a day when I have to use a machine like this. Knowing that it exists in Missoula makes me think there will eventually be a day when I have to use something like this, and that also bums me out.

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