You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time- John Lydgate

The quote that was attributed to John Lydgate and seems more and more true every day. You can't please all the people all of the time. Not everyone who visits Missoula and the surrounding areas enjoy all we have to offer or have a positive experience. With the internet and social media, they can let their experiences be known and give their reviews and opinions on what they experienced.

A Few One-Star Reviews

There are people who legitimately have bad experiences and want people who are planning their adventures to be aware of the pitfalls of some of the attractions, then there are those that just won't be satisfied with anything that is offered. Then there are those that are just funny. Here are some one star reviews that Missoula and area landmarks have received according to Trip Advisor.

University of Montana One Star Reviews
Credit: Chris Wolfe

The University of Montana-

The University of Montana is on the list of "Things to do" in Missoula. Some people wonder why?

Hmm, let's see...It's a university. Are you looking to go to college here? Go to a different site. Looking to walk around with family and friends or solo? It's as good as any other place. I guess you could go to the cafeteria and pay too much for snacks, or play basketball against some college kids.- bdms42380


Trip Advisor One Star Reviews Snowbowl
Credit: Google Maps

Montana Snowbowl- 

For those that don't know, Snowbowl is a ski area that has a mountain road that leads up to it. It is busiest in the winter.

Terrible dirt road to get up there. Went in summer and was a ghost town. Tried to take our dog for a walk; no dogs allowed ever!- Kathy P.

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Garnet Ghost Town One Star Reviews
Credit: Google Maps

Garnet Ghost Town- 

The main complaints about Garnet Ghost Town is getting there. Accessing the ghost town isn't an easy feat and people who aren't used to driving on Montana mountain roads have found it scary and difficult to get there. There is a review about the place that is the best of the one star reviews.

I only saw, like, four ghosts. Lame. These ghosts weren't any fun. I was there to party, and all they wanted to do was rattle chains and make spooky noises.- Layne_MeyerK12

No matter how disappointed I have been in a place, I have never written a one star review. I am not sure I every will, unless I can at least make it entertaining.

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