In Missoula we live in a location that is susceptible to disasters, both natural and man-made. As Missoula’s population grows, Missoula County needs your input on the best ways they will be able to help our community in case of such disasters. They have prepared a survey, the “Pre-Mitigation Disaster Mitigation Plan” to help better plan our future as they update the plan for the community.  

Credit: Missoula County, Montana Government, via Facebook
Credit: Missoula County, Montana Government, via Facebook

You Can Be A Part Of The Process Missoula

This is your opportunity for your voice to be heard and to let the county know what needs you may have in case of an emergency. According to the survey:

The Office of Emergency Management is updating the local Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan to better help the County and its residents prepare for and mitigate potential disasters. Take the survey below to better inform our planning process about the hazards that concern you most.

Survey results will be compiled and shared with the planning team, and they will be made available to the public as staff start to rank and profile hazards that are of most concern. Public input is critical because your engagement will help prioritize future mitigation strategies.

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Missoula's Important Tool

The “Pre-Mitigation Disaster Mitigation Plan”, isn't the only topic available when you go to the “Missoula County Voice” website. You will find information on a variety of topics. You can also add your opinion to multiple conversations that are open to the public. This is your chance to be heard. You can find out about: 

  • Housing Innovation Fund  
  • Federal Building Acquisition
  • 2023 Legislature
  • Funding For Poverello's Center's Montana Heroes Program
  • Voice your opinion on the Sha-Ron Fishing Parking Access
  • Operation Shelter
  • Clinton Community Council Development
  • Bear Smart Missoula
  • Lolo Street Bridge Rehabilitation

Speak Up and Be Heard Missoula

This gives you an opportunity to be involved in our local government and have your voice be heard. Not everyone can attend city council meetings or are available to speak with their representatives. This is a valuable tool we can all use.

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