Last week, I shared that I was a bit shocked when I learned that the Gap was closing in the Southgate Mall. I felt embarrassed because I was way behind on this info. They made the announcement all the way back in 2020 and when I saw the store was closing, it was clear they had been closing for a while. As we reported, today, June 12, 2023, is said to be their last business day according to a spokesperson from Gap.

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Well, being behind must be a new hobby because I only just learned, thanks to NBC Montana, that Southgate Mall is getting a new store, and if you were a fan of Gap, this one might make you happy. According to their story, Missoula is going to be getting a J. Crew Factory.

J. Crew is Hiring in Missoula

There are a variety of job postings for positions at the new J.Crew store in Missoula. On Linked there's a posting for the store director position, though it says they're no longer accepting applications. On the J.Crew website, there's still a posting for an Assistant Manager position. The listing does say it was posted over 30 days ago, but it's possible the position is still open. There also appear to be two positions for Assistant Manager as the listings have different ID numbers. The positions come with benefits, time away, and a 401K with matching contributions.

Though I didn't find any listings for Sales positions, with the store opening in the fall, it's possible that those positions will be available at a later date. We'll update this story if we learn any new information.

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