The Marshall Tucker Band is coming to Missoula for their "Infinite Road Tour 2023" on Friday July 7th at the Dennison Theater on the University of Montana campus. It should be a fantastic show. Tickets are on sale now at the Griz Tix website. The Marshall Tucker Band has been on the road playing live for over 50 years.

Marshall Tucker Band is Coming to Missoula

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with lead singer and founding member of the Marshall Tucker Band, Doug Gray about their upcoming show in Missoula and the longevity of his involvement with the band, he had this to say about being in the band from the beginning:

It's 50 years, this year is 51 years and it's kind of crazy, singing all those songs, except for a couple of them, in the beginning. It has been totally outrageous. I can't believe it. One of those things that you just, keep on doing it...Toy (Caldwell) and I had no idea when we first got back from Vietnam, that we would be in a band, that would last for as long as it has.

The Band Still Has the Same Feeling

Doug was on a break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina before heading back on the road to come to Missoula. Over the past 52 years there have been many changes in the bands lineup. Even though the band may not have the same members, that doesn't take away from what they are doing. According to Doug:

Everybody says, "well, it's not the same band". Well, guess what? It's the same feeling, the same opportunity. Some of these guys have been with me for 25 years. Some of the other guys left, because they felt like they just couldn't do it anymore. Me, I still go out and 190 shows since June of last year.

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The Marshall Tucker Band isn't Just one Genre

The Marshall Tucker Band isn't a band you can put into just one genre of music. They have played with everyone from Spyro Gyra, to Alabama, and The Zac Brown Band. When it comes to life on the road with the Marshall Tucker Band, Doug had this to say,

You know the most important thing is getting to the gig. The most boring thing is sitting in the hotel room for four hours in the afternoon. That's the most boring thing, but when the lights come on Marshall Tucker Band fans know we ain't playing a game, we ain't doing nothing wrong. We're trying our best to do what we can.

Having the Marshall Tucker Band coming to Missoula next week will be a perfect way to wrap up a 4ht of July Holiday week.

To listen to the entire interview click below.


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