Growing in Missoula, these days, is a bit different than when I was a kid. There are video games, social media, streaming services, and selfies. There is bottled water, no trespassing signs, city in-fill, and more people. That means less places for kids to play, get dirty, have fun and be kids.

Freedom in Missoula When I Was Young

When I was younger the freedom I felt with my bike and my skateboard, were the most I felt free in my life. Being able to go to my friends houses, being able to ride to the river, being able to go to the University. They were places that I could be with my friends and we could get dirty and have fun. The curfew was "when the street lights come on" we had to be home.

Where Did You Play Growing Up in Missoula

Recently we asked our listeners who grew up in Missoula and Western Montana where they played when they were growing up. Some of the places no longer exist, while some places are still there for a new generation of kids to explore and have fun. Here are their responses.

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David- The big slide behind "Newberry's," at the Holiday Village Shopping Center... There were swings and bumper cars. This was back when KZOQ was KYLT were at the Fairway Center! Where have all the good times gone?

Nick- The ruins of the old mill behind where Bob Ward and Sons is now in Missoula.

Brad- Blackfoot river when the dam was still in.

Kristina- Bonner Park.

Tara- The river. Kelly Island and up in the mountains, all day.

Benjamin- Blackfoot River.

Connie- Lolo Creek.

Derek- 9-Mile Creek in the summer and riding motorcycles/snowmobiles all over folks and grandparents spread!

Wendy- Grant Creek.

Phil- The Rattlesnake.

Some of the Places Are Still Here

Some of the places have changed, but there are still plenty of places for kids to explore and enjoy themselves in Missoula and Western Montana. The hard part now is to get the kids away from the screens and get them to explore, get dirty and have fun. If you do go out, remember to be home when the street lights come on.

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