When you think of holiday decorations, Christmas is usually what comes to mind. Twinkling lights, inflatable Santas, wooden cutouts of classic characters like Rudolph and Yuko Cornelius--driving in some neighborhoods is almost like driving through a theme park.

Billings, Montana is known for having fantastic Christmas displays. Some of the neighborhoods have even earned nicknames like "Whoville" or "Christmas Wreath Lane" and some holiday decoration traditions have lasted decades.

The first Christmas I spent back in Missoula, I was a little disappointed by the lack of holiday lights around the city. I've since learned that Missoula might be known better for decorations celebrating Halloween instead.

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Where to Trick-or-Treat in Missoula

If you are planning to trick-or-treat in Missoula, you have to check out our map of where to get the best candy in Missoula neighborhoods. Not only does this map point out where to go in Missoula, but it also uses a delicious key to show you what kind of candy you can expect to find.

If you're purchasing candy for trick-or-treaters this year, make sure you know which types of candy Montanans favor.

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This Year Missoula Has Some Fantastic Halloween Displays

We may be experiencing a nexus of Halloween inspiration. First, stores like Home Depot started selling 12-foot skeletons which is making any Halloween display look that much more intimidating. Then, larger-than-life-size spiderwebs started appearing on houses. As an homage to the late Jimmy Buffet, who passed away a few weeks ago, the "Margaritaville Skeletons" appeared in the University District.

All of these decorations are making Missoula look fantastic for the upcoming holiday. Take a look at some of the Halloween decorations around Missoula. If you have photos of decorations you'd like to share, send them to us on our app.

Missoula's Hauntingly Horrific Halloween Decorations 2023

Take a look, if you dare, at some of the spookiest Halloween decorations around Missoula this year.

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Best Missoula Neighborhoods For Halloween Candy

The Top Suggested Neighborhoods For The Best Halloween Candy

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