I grew up in Missoula, but when I left for college it didn't take long for the "Missoula" in me to wear off.

Even when I moved back to Montana and lived in Billings for 10 years, I still didn't regain my Missoula-ness until I came home in 2021. Very quickly, I developed some behaviors specific to living in Missoula.

When I saw that Time Out had asked Chicagoans about the habits that people pick up when moving to Chicago I thought this was something that applied to Missoula too. Some of these are the behaviors I picked up after moving back, but others are habits that I think are typical "Missoula." Do you agree? Are there any habits I missed? Send your ideas on the app.

Finding Multiple Routes to a Destination

It's so rare that when you leave from point A you will take the same route in reverse for your return. Finding a route across Missoula is almost like a sport--it takes training and skill.

Investing in "Commuter Wear"

With Missoula being a great city for bikes, it doesn't take long before you find yourself looking for a rubber band you can pull over your pant leg or loading up on blinking lights.

Being a Trail Snob

Snob is maybe too strong of a word. But when there aren't a lot of trails you aren't very picky. In Missoula, I can pick a trail for my every mood or inclination.

Forgetting Your Sunglasses

It's cloudy in Missoula. A lot. So often that when the sun does come out I'm usually wishing I remembered to pack my sunglasses. But now that I think about it, I don't see many people wearing sunglasses in Missoula--at all.

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Collecting Growlers

You go to the brewery and you love the beer. You want to bring some home but then you realize you forgot your growler. So you buy one. And the cycle continues.

There's also a lot of loyalty to local brands here. I think sometimes collecting growlers is also about showing some love to your favorite brewer, be it beer, cider, or kombucha.

Being Kind in Traffic

Missoula is a city where drivers will let you in. I don't know if this is because we've all tried to leave a griz game and we know that traffic flows smoother if we all take turns, or if Missoulians are just that laid back. After living in Billings this was the first thing I noticed that was different. Missoula drivers let you in.

Collecting Wristbands

There's nearly a festival for every month of the year. There are dozens of concerts. At all of these, you get a wristband, so Missoulians end up with a lot of wristbands.

Buying Vinyl

The vinyl revival was fully in effect before I moved back but I wasn't tempted to start buying records until I got to Missoula. Yes, Missoula has a hipster vibe but I'd like to think it's because Missoula has a plethora of great record stores and I wanted a good reason to visit.

Ranch with Everything

Missoula restaurants are especially accommodating when it comes to asking for ranch dressing. If you find yourself with two condiment cups full of ranch, you're fully Missoula.

Bonus: Not dressing for the weather. 

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