It's the first day of March, which means Missoulians are basically ready for summer. The month of March is a little like "practice summer." You start seeing more runners and cyclists outside, maybe there's a line at the Dairy Queen on Higgins. There are "fewer layers" worn in general.

It's this time of year that I think Missoulians like to indulge. But let's face it, indulging is a four-season sport. Let's just call this "spring training." Here are some guilty pleasures that you're going to start seeing Missoulians engage in (if they aren't doing these things already). Don't worry, we won't judge.

Hoagieville Cheese Fries

Any day is a good day for cheese fries.

Wearing Griz Gear as "Work Attire"

What's more professional than maroon and silver?

Adult Only Nights at Splash Montana

Who says water parks are just for kids?

Big Dipper for Breakfast

I recommend the Huckleberry or the Mocha Chip.

Too Many Bumperstickers

Nothing says guilty pleasure like a Subaru plastered in bumper stickers.

Playing Midnight Golf at the University Golf Course

This one probably counts as a literal guilty pleasure.

Watching "Yellowstone"

It's nothing like Montana, and we make fun of it, but we watch it anyway.

Buying Another New Bike (When You Have 7 In Your Garage Already)

But this one is a fat bike, so it's a "need", not a "want."

Walking Your Dog Off Leash

You want to romp around in the tall grass on top of a mountain, so does Fido.

Taking a "Fishing" or "Powder" Day

"Oh (cough, cough), I think I can't come in today, boss."

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