Getting to announce concerts coming to town on the radio is one of the best things I get to do as an announcer. The only thing that can make it better is when we get to give away tickets to the shows to our listeners. Missoula has been a popular concert destination for decades and it only continues to get even more exciting with fantastic shows. Everyone has a favorite concert, maybe even more than one. Sometimes it is difficult to narrow it down. We asked our listeners to list their favorite concerts and they did not disappoint.

Some the Biggest Shows In Montana Have Been in Missoula

Washington Grizzly Stadium has held some great and big shows. The Rolling Stones on October 4th, 2006, Sir Paul McCartney on August 5th 2014, Pearl Jam on August 13th 2018, and Guns and Roses August 13th 2021. Those shows were mentioned more than once as the best shows in Missoula.

Naomi- "Paul McCartney or GNR"

Eileen- "The Rolling Stones and Elton John"

Jacq- "Rolling Stones 10/4/2006

Steve- "The Rolling Stones in Grizzly Stadium"

Alicia- "Paul McCartney"

Judy- "Yep, Stones!!"

Chase- "Paul"

Bonnie- "Paul McCartney"

Sabrina-  "Guns and Roses at the Grizzly Stadium"

Sean- "Pearl Jam, Go Griz"

Credit: Chris Wolfe
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Evan- "Alice Cooper"

Credit: Chris Wolfe
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Who Remembers Caras Park Concerts?

Caras Park used to hold some pretty big concerts too. The first few concerts people would be able to watch from what is now Beartracks Bridge. Then they started to put up fences and barriers to stop people from watching, but you could still hear the shows all over downtown Missoula.

Stephen- "Santana at Caras Park"

University of Montana Has Many Different Venues

The University of Montana has hosted many concerts, not just at the Adams Center or Washington Grizzly Stadium. The University Ballroom used to host big shows too.

Hal- "BB King, Taj Mahal U of M Ballroom, 1979"

Brandon- "Probably my first concert ever with my Uncle. It was late 80’s early 90’s at the field house Steve Miller. Then every concert after that."

Angie- "ZZ top and Lynyrd Skynyrd were really good about 24 years ago at the Adams center. But Lynyrd Skynyrd didn't play, I know a Little. I was so disappointed"

Mark- "Neil Young at the Adams Center"

Richard- "Jeff Beck"

Diane- "Bryan Adam's, loved it all acoustic"

Lee- "Robert Plant"

Angie- "Robert Plant"

Kathy- "Robert Plant"

Montana Loves Country Shows Too

Not all of the best concerts have been rock shows. There have been some fantastic Country concerts over the years.

RC- "Neil Young or Sawyer Brown"

Cathy- "Chris Ledoux at the Wilma"

SJ- "Luke Combs & Morgan Wallen"

Luke Combs Live from Arizona Financial Theatre for SiriusXM and Pandora in Phoenix, AZ
Credit: Mike Coppola Getty Images for SiriusXM

Ginger- "Keith Urban"

Cindy- "Willie Nelson"

Heather- "Toby Keith a long time ago. My sister's and I were first in line to buy tickets and we spent the night in line the night before the tickets went on sale."

Brad- "I've seen some great shows, but there was something special about Chris LeDoux at the fairgrounds years ago."

Let's Appreciate Hard Rock in Missoula

There are also Hard Rock fans out there too.

Jessica- "Shinedown at the Adams Center nearly 10 years ago."

Rocky- "Shinedown"

Laura- "Slayer at the Kettlehouse"

Paul- "Halestorm"

Halestorm With The Pretty Reckless In Concert - Nashville, Tennessee
Credit: Terry Wyatt Getty Images

Robyn- "Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold"

Penny- "Godsmack!!! Sick Puppies!!! Tantric!!!"

Jason- "Slayer/Lamb of God"

Some People Can't Just Choose

Suzanne- "Elton John, R.E.M., Rolling Stone, Carrie Underwood. Too Many"

We Have So Much More to Look Forward to in Missoula

There are so many more great shows that have come through Montana. The good news is we are continuing to get shows coming our way and we can all make more memories. We can then argue about the best shows we have ever seen in Missoula.

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