"Every vote counts" is a phrase we hear a lot, especially during election years. It's not an election year, but Missoula needs your vote now for a different kind of poll. In this instance it's a poll that is pitting Boulder, Colorado against Missoula, Montana, for "which is a better college town". Your votes can put Missoula over the top. The College Football Network's poll is down to the finals and you don't have much time to cast your vote. You don't even need to show an ID or stand in line. Right now Missoula is down in the votes with only one day to go. This is the time to cast that vote. We can't have Boulder, Colorado win.

The University of Montana Spring

This Friday the University of Montana is hosting a "Spring Festival", if you go to all of the games and collect eggs from each event you will get a chance to win prizes. The University of Montana tennis team is supporting their fellow teammate as he battles cancer. These are just a few recent examples of why Missoula outshines Boulder and should win this poll.

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Credit: The College Football Network via Twitter
Credit: The College Football Network via Twitter

Missoula is the Best College Town in the Nation

Missoula is the better college town, it shouldn't even be close. We have one of the best football stadiums in any state. We have a stadium that fits over one third of the Missoula population and it's full for almost every Griz Football game. We have the "M". We have three rivers, five valleys, and some of the best diehard fans anywhere. It's isn't just about football, we have fans of every sport Men's Griz Basketball, the Lady Griz Basketball, softball, soccer, hockey, and more. We have a National Champion Hurling team.

Missoula Needs Your Votes Now

Missoula has it all for a college town. The support of the community, the beautiful campus, the fans, the electricity in the air during a Saturday Griz Football game. There really is no place better. Vote and let your voice be heard. Go Griz.

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