Miss These Recent and New Montana-Made TV Shows and Movies?  Where do they come from?

The Montana Film Office. For starters, they help movie and TV producers find locations around our state that would be the perfect setting for the production they are working on. In turn, a Film Grant could connect local companies to supply and work with them. Actors may be alerted to possible parts that you and I will enjoy watching for years to come.  From those efforts, here are some Montana Made TV Shows and Movies you might have missed.


“Year of the Dog”

It Stars Rob Grabow, Jon Proudstar, and Michael Spears. Locations were filmed in and around Butte, Bozeman, and Livingston. Was released in select theaters around Montana on September 30th, 2022


“Murder at Yellowstone City”

Starring Richard Dreyfuss, Gabriel Byrne, and Zach McGowan. Location filmed around and in Livingston. Released on demand and in theaters in June of 2022. You can stream on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video too.

“God's Country”

This was a film made possible in part by the Big Sky Film Grant according to the press release. This Independent film was on locations in and around Bozeman, Dillon, and Livingston. It Stars Thandiwe Newton and Jefferson White. Released in theaters in September 2022  Slow burn you think is going in one direction, but it isn’t. Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

Yellowstone Season 5

Filmed 100% in Montana! Of course stars Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, and Wes Bentley. The latest season will begin on  November 13th, 2022 on Paramount Network but if you are NOT one of the 14 million or so who did see John Dutton swearing in as Montana’s governor.

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