Shopping for the holidays. It is that time of year. When you are shopping around Missoula there is a good possibility that you may wander into the Southgate Mall. The mall has changed a lot over the years. You would expect that with something that opened back in 1978. I wrote about a lot of the stores that I remembered when the mall opened, but it was an incomplete list. A while back I asked for help on Facebook filling in some blanks on some of the stores I have forgotten over the years. The answers brought back a flood of memories. There are probably still stores that are missing and some stores that I don't remember much about. Feel free to let us know what else we missed.

Grady's Restaurant

I used to go to Grady's when I was a kid, my mother and my grandmother used to eat there. For some reason, I don't remember much about it other than they had those thick diner coffee cups and occasionally, if I was good, I would get some hot chocolate served in those mugs.

Gold Rush Jewelry

Being a kid, jewelry stores weren't where I spent any time. There were quite a few jewelry stores in the mall over the years and I can't remember them all.

Walden Books

Bookstores are great and I remember going into Walden Books when I was younger. There wasn't the best selection for kids, so we would wander outside of the store while the parents shopped.

Coldwater Creek

That was a higher-end women's wear store, so I would just walk by. I am sure they had nice things.

Gaylords Candy

I can't believe I forgot about this shop. I hung out in all the candy stores, probably way too much considering all the cavities I have had over the years.

KG Men's Store

The name pretty much sums it up. I remember a lot of flannel shirts and khakis, just when I got old enough to shop there, it was gone.

Western Sportsman

This was a great outdoors store that seemed to carry everything. I remember looking at the fishing poles whenever I went in there and the bait in the jars that was always neon colors. I always wanted a knife from there, but my mom wouldn't let me have one.

Pac Sun

This is a chain store that seemed to focus on summer gear. This is a more recent store that I didn't spend any time in.


This is another clothing store that by the time I was old enough to go there, it was gone.

Kinney's Shoes

I remember getting some "tenny runners" when I was kid from Kinney's. The shoe salesman told me they would make me run fast when I left the store. Sure enough it was true. I found out that a lot of shoe salespeople would say that to me, I was a hyper child.


A Mexican restaurant, by the time this came around I was driving and expanding my horizons around town to other restaurants. I know I have eaten there a few times that is about it.

Another round of stores that have been in Southgate Mall. If you can remember any more of them, feel free to let us know.

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