This week Soft Landing in Missoula with support from the ZACC held their second annual "Stories of Home" photo exhibit during "Welcoming Week" that explores the experiences of immigrants and refugees in Missoula. The exhibit is an opportunity to learn more about where some of the refugees have come from and more importantly why they are having to come to our community. The "Stories of Home" project started in last year. Soft Landing is a community based non profit that helps refugees and immigrant families transition to our community and our state.

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According to their website: "Soft Landing Missoula is a community-based nonprofit committed to working with refugee and immigrant families as they build new lives in Missoula. We invest in the long welcome, celebrate milestones and culture, and create opportunities to share experiences as a way to build a community where we all can thrive." 


Soft Landing has had multiple fundraising and community experiences the past few years. From soccer matches to bake sales, selling home made treats and desserts from families that have relocated to Missoula. I had the opportunity to see one of the soccer matches  at Fort Missoula and it was great. If you didn't have a chance catch the event this past week, the exhibit will be on display at the ZACC at 216 W. Main Street in Missoula through the end of the month. Soft Landing also takes donations from anyone that would like to help. As the weather starts to get colder, consider donating some winter clothing to help some of the people who haven't experienced a Montana winter before. If you have any warm clothes that your kids have outgrown or don't wear anymore they can be put to good use. Soft Landing's office is located at 939 Stephens Ave, in Missoula.

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