Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - After a four-year hiatus, Project Community Connect (formerly Project Homeless Connect) returns to Missoula, utilizing the Missoula Public Library, recently named one of the most beautifully designed libraries in the world as its home base.

Library spokesperson Selya Avila provided a brief history of the program.

Community Services for Homeless Persons Return on March 27

“Project Community Connect does have a long history,” began Avila. It was a national initiative and was at one time called Project Homeless Connect, and then they rebranded to Project Community Connect. It happens across the U.S. and it has happened in Missoula for 14 years prior to 2020, which was the last event (due to COVID). It's a resource event for community members who are experiencing homelessness or also have any other feelings of resource insecurity.”

Avila had more details about the event which is coming up on Wednesday, March 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Missoula Public Library.

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All the Services Offered will be Free for Homeless Persons

“It's a day when area providers service providers come together in one location and offer core and critical services to community members, all in a free environment,” she said. “So it's a one stop shop. It's all free, and people can come down and engage in any of the services that they feel are necessary to their life at that time.”

Avila detailed just some of the services that will be available to those dealing with homelessness.

“There are medical, dental and eye care services, haircuts, public benefits assistance, legal services, bicycle repair, employment services, credit checks, IDs, driver's license and birth certificates, veteran services, mental health and addiction recovery support housing services, pet vaccinations, licensing and pet grooming, youth and family services as well as food and beverages being offered and much more.”

They said 'It's the First Time I've Felt Like a Real Human Being in Years'

On a personal note, I remember being deeply moved several years ago as I covered the event that was held at a local church where several professional hair stylists offered  their  services. I watched as one man and one woman, who had not had a professional haircut in years, burst into tears when the stylist sat them down and wrapped the styling apron around them and fussed over them while styling their hair. They said 'it's the first time I've felt like a real human being in years'.

Click here to find out more about this program, as well as the Missoula Public Library.

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