Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - ‘Let’s get it done’.

Those four words were oft repeated by Montana Governor Greg Gianforte during a press conference on Thursday at the Montana State Capitol building in Helena.

Gianforte started by touting the news KGVO reported earlier this week that the state celebrated the lowest unemployment rate in its history at 2.4 percent.

The Key Words at today's Press Conference 'Let's Get it Done'

“More Montanans are working than ever before, and fewer Montanans are unemployed than ever recorded in the state,” began Governor Gianforte. “Our state's unemployment rate is the lowest it's ever been on record, and is now the fourth lowest unemployment rate in the country, and in just the last week, a study ranked Montana the best state for doctors to practice medicine.”

Now, to the meat of the press conference, a call to action by the state legislature.

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Gianforte wants his Funding Passed for Warm Springs and the State Prison

“We've proposed a $300 million generational investment in our behavioral health care facilities,” he said. Representative Keenan and Senator Esp are leading the effort in the legislature to get this over the finish line. With it, we will repair the (Warm Springs) state hospital, improve patient services and better secure the safety of patients and providers, and will support expanded community-based behavioral health clinics.”

Gianforte closed that topic with a ‘let’s get it done’.

The governor also pushed passage of a bill to better fund and improve conditions at the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge.

“We also put forth nearly $200 million to repair and ultimately expand capacity at the Montana State Prison,” he said. “I appreciate Representative Mike Hopkins for his leadership on this issue. I was encouraged to see the house legislators moving this bill forward.”

Again, closing with ‘let’s get it done’.

Gianforte Continued Pushing for More Law Enforcement Funding

Another funding issue close to the governor’s heart is fully funding Montana’s law enforcement agencies.

“Our fiscally responsible budget also invests in building stronger families and safer communities,” he said. “To make Montana’s communities safer, we've made investing in law enforcement a top priority, and I'm hopeful the Senate will fund the new Montana Highway Patrol troopers, prosecutors, and criminal investigators that Attorney General Knudsen and I proposed and that our state needs.”

Gianforte closed again with a firm ‘let’s get it done.’

The Montana Legislature is rapidly drawing to a close, with the official end date of May 10.

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