Who needs some extra cash this summer? My guess is we all need, or at least want, extra cash, so if you're in the job market for a fun, short-term job then you should check out the University of Montana's latest opening.

Homecoming Parade Coordinator

Melanie Dekkers, Townsquare Media
Melanie Dekkers, Townsquare Media

Put those planning and organizational skills to the test and apply to be the University's Homecoming Parade Coordinator for this fall's festivities. FYI, this is not a full-time, permanent position. From the hiring date through the parade date (Saturday, October 12) it will consume "roughly 60-75 hours" total.

Whatever you do don't quit your day job and say "Ace told me I should give up everything I do to become the University's Homecoming Parade Coordinator."


I did not say that.

Required tasks:

  • Establish a line of communication with the City of Missoula and State of Montana to make sure you're not operating without any permits, and ticking people off.
  • Line up security and crowd control. Don't let the alumni get rowdy on their day back on campus trying to relive those glory days.
  • Organize volunteers.
  • Curate the parade entries lineup. Don't put the PETA float next to the Montana Butchers Club vehicle... (I don't think those are actual floats).
  • Conjure up a script for the parade announcers... if you need an announcer I know a guy...
  • Day-of responsibilities.
Melanie Dekkers, Townsquare Media
Melanie Dekkers, Townsquare Media


Everyone's been waiting for this line: How much will I make? The compensation listed is 2,000 clams. Let's say you work 75 hours at 2,000 dollars it averages out to 26 dollars an hour.

If it all sounds interesting and up your alley, shoot an email to UM Alumni Association Associate Director Jodi Moreau (jodi.moreau@umontana.edu).

The full job description is here... IT'S RIGHT HERE.

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