If you haven’t seen the news lately, we have had some businesses close down in Missoula. It is difficult to see a business close in town. It is hard to see a business close its doors suddenly. We have seen this happen a few times in the past few months.  

Another Restaurant Closes In Missoula

Denny’s is another restaurant that has recently and suddenly closed its doors. It will be missed. There has been more than one person who has wondered out loud where they are going to get their “Moons over my Hammy” now? 

What Should Go In There Missoula

That leaves a hole that needs to be filled in Missoula. What will fill that hole? Will we get another restaurant? What should go in that location? These are some questions that will be answered eventually. But for now, we can offer some opinions on what it could go into that space. 

Restaurants Are An Option 

Sonic- There have been rumors for years that we are going to be getting a Sonic in Missoula for years, yet here we are without their tater tots. There are Sonics in other towns in Montana but not Missoula.  

Olive Garden- This is another chain restaurant that people seem to think would do well in Missoula. Hard to argue with unlimited salad, breadsticks, and soup.  

Golden Corral- We had one at one time, should we bring the buffet back? 

Burger King- We have more than one Burger King in Missoula, but none on the Southside of town. The “Impossible Whopper” was surprisingly good.

Local and Fantastic- Forget another chain, let's get a local and fantastic joint that could be featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives".

It Doesn't Have To Be Another Missoula Restaurant

The space doesn’t have to be a restaurant. It is always interesting to see a different kind of business use a restaurant space. It never really loses that “restaurant feel”.  

Bank- We can always use another bank in Missoula, right? 

Casino- Another option for your sports betting, or “Vegas-style gaming”. 

Cannabis Shop- Another option for your needs. 

Record Store- Wasn't “Budget Tapes and CD’s” in that building at one time? 

Skatepark – Missoula can handle more than one skate park. Or maybe a roller-skating rink, “Skate Haven” anyone?   

This will be another example of Missoula’s evolution. Eventually, something will go into that space, hopefully, it is something we all want and we all use.

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