Let's settle this once and for all.

We've poked the bear recently with questions about who qualifies or deserves to be called a "Missoulian" and the same goes for being considered a "Montanan" too.

Some will tell you you're only a Montanan if you were born here. But if you don't feel that way, we've got a list of people we'd like to nominate for the title of "Honorary Montanan." 

As far as Missoula goes, a simple test of "locality" is if you can say you're in Missoula without saying "I'm in Missoula." 

But let me offer this: what really makes you a Missoulian is whether or not you live the life.

So, do you live the life of a typical Missoulian? What better way to find out than with a game of Bingo!

Are You a Missoulian Bingo

I'll admit that sometimes I don't feel very 'Missoulian' because there are classic Missoula experiences that I've never had. Case in point: I've never been to a Griz game. I know! But if you're not into sports, it seems like an easy experience to miss, yet Griz games feel quintessentially Missoulian. So am I a Missoulian? That's where the Bingo comes in.

For every activity or attribute you've completed or can claim you get a "square", and just like in Bingo, we'll take straight across, up and down, diagonal, and the epic blackout.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Based on this 'Bingo Card' I would only win with one row. Reminder, I was raised in Missoula. So, I asked my coworker Christian, who was raised in California, to play. (We've both lived in Missoula for about the same length of time, btw.) He could only win with one row.

A survey of my coworkers who have each lived in Missoula for at least 20 years yielded these results:

Peter Christian: 0

Dennis Bragg: 0

Chris Wolfe: 1

KC: 1

We admitted that if these squares were scrambled, some people might have had a few more wins.

How well did you do? Are you a Missoulian now?

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