Mother Nature reminded us a few weeks ago that weather in the fall in Missoula can be unpredictable. We have seen snow, freezing rain, fog and single digit temperatures. But that was a couple weeks ago. This week is a different story. We have seen some cooler temps in the mornings, but by the afternoon we are seeing it warm up to the upper 40's. That may seem cold to some, but that is enough for golfers to try to squeeze the last bit of fun out of the season.

You Can Still Golf Outside in Missoula For the Time Being

Right now, and possibly only for a short time, you can still get in 18 holes of golf on an actual golf course in Missoula. Larchmont Golf Course is still open, while the weather holds. This is on a "day to day" basis. If you want to get a tee time you will need to call after 10am and if you plan on playing 18 holes, you will have to be on the course by 1pm with the shorter daylight.

Missoula's Larchmont Is Open

Larchmont is the only outdoor course that is currently open. But it isn't the only option for golf for those that can't get enough. You can move the game indoors. Golf Headquarters of Missoula's and The Sports Barn, both offer golf simulators to play over the winter. The Linda Vista Golf Course in the winter is used a disc golf course, and they have turned their conference area into a miniature golf course.

You Can Take the Game Indoors In Missoula

Montanans who golf will do anything to try to extend their season. I know a few who travel during the winter and take their clubs with them. Meanwhile here in Missoula when the last golf course finally closes for season, take your game indoors and count the days until the courses open again in spring.

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