I love parodies. Most of my time on Instagram these days is scrolling until I can find the next comedian or generally talented person turning their witty observations about the world into some half-assed theater. Like this guy.

The account for Matt “Schmutz” Lyons has a series of videos titled "Every Person Who..." with variations on some apparent themes: outdoors and dudes. He's got:

"Every Person After a Week of Hiking"

"Every Person Who Rides a Bike"

"Every Person Who Owns a Jeep"

But then, he takes this a little further and creates personas for outdoorsy people in outdoorsy cities. And this is where I cracked up. The first one I saw was, "Every Person Who Moves to Bend" and I thought, "Alright, this is pretty funny," until I came to the pièce de résistance: "Every Person Who Moves to Bozeman."

He starts by introducing himself as "Flyrod" and well, it only gets better from there.

A black lab named Amadeus? Spiked Kombucha? Consider this my virtual standing ovation.

I so want this guy to do "Every Person Who Moves to Missoula" but I'll give him a few suggestions to get him started.

The Name

Instead of Fly Rod the guy's gotta be named Caribeener. Or Pale Ale.

The Dog

The dog has to be a rescue with a backstory. Like, "My rescue dog Scout was found nursing kitten in a dumpster."

The Collection

No, not vintage shopping bags from the 2010s but instead, they're a woodworker or a metal artist, or a potter.

The Housing

They're couch-surfing.

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