When I called Cody Edens to learn more about the upcoming Pint Night to support the Missoula City Fire Department he was short of breath.

"I just finished a stair climb," he said.

That's right, the Missoula Firefighters are already training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Firefighter Stairclimb and they plan to dominate the competition as they've done ten times already.

What Is The LLS Firefighter Stairclimb?

Edens explained this is a fundraising event, primarily. Teams of firefighters from across the country raise money in their communities then go out to the stair climb in Seattle. Teams will climb 69 flights of stairs in their full gear. The event has raised over $20 Million for blood cancer research and is the world's largest "on-air stair climb competition." Again, the Missoula City Fire Department has won for the last ten years. Wow.

I asked why Missoula has such a good track record with the event.

"Missoula is a pretty outdoorsy community. We have a lot of outdoor-minded individuals, and a really active fire department,” Edens said. 

You have probably heard of Andy Drobek, the firefighter who is the fastest climber in the country (and husband of Trisha Drobek, Race Director for the Missoula Marathon), with a climb of 10.5 minutes.

"And 15 minutes is a fast climb," Edens says, to put that state in perspective.

The team will also include Erin Wilmarth-Klare, who is returning to the race after taking time off to have kids. I asked her if it was any different training for the event this time around. 

"It takes more time management," she says, "but the work is the same."

How Can I Support the Missoula Firefighters?

You can help the Fire Department fundraise for this worthy cause. Attend a Pint Night at Highlander Beer. A dollar from every beer sold will go toward the Stair Climb fundraiser. There will also be silent auction items including a night at Fairmont and a custom kitchen knife created by one of the firefighters. You'll also get the chance to participate in turnout races.

Highlander Beer - Missoula Brewing Co

200 Internation Dr.

Tuesday, February 28, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

Good luck, Missoula City Fire Department!

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