The ever-creative and entrepreneurial Hank Green is at it again, and this time, he's collaborating with a local business.

Yesterday, Hank Green posted a video to Instagram saying he "discovered a bit of a secret in my hometown Missoula, Montana a couple of years ago."

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He goes on to give a brief history of Milltown, while, without naming them, shouting out other local businesses, like this one, and then saying there was a Bitcoin mine there once which has since been closed down. Then he talks about how he discovered Botanie Soap.

What is Botanie Soap?

The company is a business-to-business manufacturer that creates soap for "private label use." That means that they produce the soap but another company can sell it. What's the soap like? As Hank Green says, "The people who make this soap know what they are doing. It cleans you without drying you out." That's because the soap is all-natural.

Introducing Sun Basin Soap, Made Just Outside Missoula, Montana

Hank and John Green and the team at have partnered with Botanie Soap to create Sun Basin Soap, a brand of customized soaps for sale with all profits going to charities in Sierra Leon, specifically to "drastically reduce maternal and childhood mortality."

While Hank talks about the soap dubbed "Navigator" in the video above, they actually have five scents--Daydreamer (Warm), Navigator (Clean), Forager (Woodsy), Trailblazer (Bright)  and Enigma (Unscented). The soaps appear to already be very popular. In just visiting the site several soaps appeared to have been sold out but are now (at the time of this writing) already restocked. You may want to check in frequently if you're interested in buying a soap or signing up for a soap subscription.

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