One of the most common places you'll find Montanans hanging out is at the local watering hole or the local diner. It's sort of traditional.

And that actually applies to Missoulians, too. One of Missoula's own watering holes, The Oxford, is a fine place to just hang out. You might also say that the best places to hang out in Missoula are outside or in public parks. Good options, for sure.

There are a few activities that signal there's a "hang out" happening in Missoula. A classic game of hacky sack--definitely an indicator that some hanging out is happening. That goes for slacklining, too.

But I think there's an even more common location, or maybe I should say a common way, that Missoulians hang out.

Where You're Most Likely to See a Missoulian Hanging Out

When the weather is above roughly 60 degrees, you'll start to see Missoulians far and wide perched on the front porch of their house or apartment building.

You'll see people with cups of tea, or a cigarette. You'll see more than a few people with a dog or cat. There might be some book reading involved, too.

But here's why front porches are the best way to hang out in Missoula: the people.

It's people watching from the comfort of your own home. You might meet neighbors you never knew you had. You might see someone walk down the street you haven't seen in six months and decide the two of you really should catch up over a cup of coffee. You might watch a squirrel steal a slice of pizza from a crow. It's free entertainment.

What to Do If You Don't Have a Front Porch in Missoula

You don't have to have a front porch in Missoula to get in some quality hang out time. This is when I'd recommend Missoula's many outdoor patios. Draughtworks and restaurants on Higgins ave come to mind.

Of course, this is wishful thinking. Because we haven't seen many days with 60 degrees lately. Don't worry, Missoula. We'll be hanging out on our front porches soon.

If You Need to Relax, Here's What Montanans Recommend

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Missoula Businesses Where You'll Feel Like Family

Whether you're visiting or living in Missoula, you want to go where you'll feel welcome. There are the places that Missoulians recommend to go to feel like you're family.

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