Gardening is a hobby that has multiple benefits. You can grow your vegetables and herbs. It can help keep you in shape. It can add value to your home. There can be a downside to gardening. If you aren't careful, gardening can be a dangerous hobby if you aren't careful.

Power Tools Can Be Dangerous

Working with power implements like lawn mowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers can be dangerous. Lawn mowers have more safety features built into them, than when I was younger. I have known a few people who have lost parts of a hand or a foot while using mowers. You also have to be very careful with hedge trimmers, especially if they have cords. Not only can a person get injured using them incorrectly, but the cord can be cut and risk electrocution.

Montana's Ground is Tough

Montana has some pretty rocky ground. It can be very difficult to dig in certain areas. Straining yourself while digging can cause injuries. A person can strain their back, or shoulders. There is also a chance of over doing it if a person is not in shape. It is similar to shoveling Montana snow. Overdoing it can cause a person to have a heart attack.

Be Aware of Tetanus

Working with hand tools, like shovels, clippers, rakes, or axes can cause injuries too. If the tools have rust on them and a person happens to cut themselves that can cause an infection like Tetanus. Using gloves can help.

Montana Bugs and Animals Can be Dangerous

Working outdoors amongst the animals and bugs can cause problems too. Years ago I was mowing my lawn and I disturbed a wasp nest that I didn't know was there. I got stung multiple times and had to go to the emergency room in anaphylactic shock. I wasn't aware I was allergic to wasps until that day. I now need an Epipen when I am out in case I get stung again.

Montana Can Get Very Hot

Working in Montana sunshine it can get hot fast. The heat can make a person susceptible to dehydration or worse, sun stroke. Make sure you wear a hat, stay hydrated and take breaks when you can.

Enjoy Your Hobby, but Be Safe

Gardening can be very rewarding but it can also be dangerous. Be cautious and may your thumb be forever green.

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