Driving on North Reserve in Missoula can be many things. It can be frustrating, it can slow moving and it can be dangerous. Recently an acquaintance of mine was involved in a minor accident on North Reserve. They were rear ended and were pushed into the vehicle in front of them and then there was a fourth vehicle that hit the last vehicle in the chain. The good news is that no one was hurt in the accident, that isn't always the case.

Incredible Footage of Missoula Wreck On Reserve Street

There was another accident last weekend on North Reserve. I saw the aftermath of the accident. Looking at the accident, I was puzzled as to how it happened. It didn't look like the type of accident I have seen before. According to dashcam footage that was posted on Reddit, this is how the wreck happened.

Subaru vs Prius Mullan and reserve
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Trying To Make Reserve Street a Safer Street

Reserve Street is probably the busiest street in Missoula and according to some reports the most dangerous street in Missoula too. The Reserve Street Bridge doesn't have have lights along the bridge at night, you can read about that here. There is a Facebook group that has been created called "Let's Improve Missoula's Reserve Street", they are trying to make this road a safer place for all, vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Working Together To Make The Street A Safer Roadway

One thing that I have noticed more and more is the amount of drivers that are using a device while driving around Missoula. Distracted driving is dangerous on all of Missoula's streets but, especially on Reserve Street. Please be safe on Missoula's roads as we have less daylight this time of year and the weather can change suddenly.

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