I ran across a few of these "Ghost Restaurants" back in July, and it looks like even more have popped up. You should know where your food is actually being made.

Basically a "Ghost Restaurant" is when a corporate chain creates a fake eatery and profile on your delivery app (Uber Eats, Doordash etc) and make itself look local. This gives them an edge over the small, local guys, by not only doubling their exposure on the app. It also makes you think "oh hey, there is something new I haven't tried", when in actuality it's just the local Denny's or Applebees.

I shop local whenever I can, and when I see something new/local, I try and give them my business when I can, which is pretty often when it comes to food delivery. Take right now for example. I'm at home in quarantine due to covid... again. Since I am a terrible adult, of course this happened when I haven't been able to get to the grocery store and stock up, so my options are pretty limited. So I hop on Doordash to lock down some dinner (contactless delivery of course) and once again I run across a few new eateries that have popped up, that, lets say, look less than legit. After my last article, I've definitely been on the lookout.  Here are some new ones you should be aware of:

The Thrilled Cheese: is actually IHOP

Super Mega Dilla: is also IHOP

Here are the previous ones we discovered back in July

The Burger Den  and The Meltdown are: Denny's

Cosmic Wings is: Applebees

Tender Shack is: Outback Steakhouse

Fresh Set & The Wing Depot is: Red Robin

Again, I'm not trying to tell you where to shop, and I always support restaurants giving employment opportunities to our local workers. I just wish that they would practice good competition tactics and give our locally owned and operated places a fighting chance.

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