The DEA's "Take Back Day" is coming this Saturday in Missoula. Spring cleaning is a seasonal ritual that happens at my house every year. This year you should take some time and consider cleaning out your unused or outdated medications. When I am cleaning out my house this is something that I rarely think about, but is something that I need to be more aware of.

Disposing of Unused Medication Is Very Important When Kids Are Involved

If you have children in your house you should consider disposing of any unused prescription drugs properly. You should make every effort to make sure that they don't fall into the wrong hands. Whatever you do, do not flush them down the toilet or dispose of them in the sink. They can get into our water supply and affect not just the water we drink, but the animals too.

The DEA "Take Back Day" is Coming This Saturday in Missoula

This Saturday, April 22nd it will be an easy to do away with prescription drugs with a drive through service. You can drop off any medications at the Missoula County Sherriff's office at the Missoula County Courthouse 200 West Broadway, in the West Parking lot off of Woody Street starting at 10am and ending at 2pm.

The Medications Are Disposed of Properly

The unused or expired prescription drugs will be incinerated and disposed of properly. If you can't make it to the event this weekend, here is a list of pharmacies and locations where you can dispose of unused medications from the Missoula County Public Health Department. If you need them, please use them.

1. Missoula Police Department – 435 Ryman (open 24/7)
2. Granite Pharmacy – 2230 27th Ave.
3. U of M Curry Health Center – 634 Eddy Ave.
4. Partnership Health Center – 401 Railroad Street W.
5. The Broadway Pharmacy (St. Pats), 500 W. Broadway
6. CVS Pharmacy, 1902 Brooks
7. Missoula Pharmacy – 1211 S. Reserve
8. Community Cancer Center – 1827 Fort Missoula Rd.
9. Community Med CTR Hospital – 2827 Fort Missoula Rd.

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