I don’t think stores in Missoula should have their Christmas stuff out yet. I went into a store and I saw this. I don’t need to buy my Marvel Christmas ornaments yet.  

Photo credit: Brian Lee
Photo credit: Brian Lee

They just put out the fall collection of leaves and pumpkin stuff displacing my BBQ row of accessories. It’s still hot out! Come on! Christmas In Missoula Stores? Jolly folly too early!

I was looking for a new pair of long barbeque tongs for the set I bent after stepping on the last ones. It was my own fault I’m told. I shouldn’t have dropped them after grabbing them from where my wife left them laying on the hot side of the rack. I found the grill stuff outside in the garden area in the clearance section with the bird feeders and pool noodles.

Did I Get What I Wanted?

I saw everything except what I needed as usual leaving me to think I’m the only one out of sync with the season. I saw my first Halloween costume on sale at the end of July and that made me feel a bit sad, but Christmas? 

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Time to Buck up!

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas time! But I haven’t even had a chance to focus on what stupid questions to ask the Butterball Turkey hotline or if the homemade cranberry sauce is better than the stuff with ridges from the can. We arm wrestle at our house over that every year. I haven’t even started the who likes Candy Corn debate yet!  

But Christmas? Now? Bah Humbug! I should buy my Marvel Christmas ornaments before they sell out. 


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