There have been so many concert announcements the past few months for bands that will coming through Missoula in 2024, it is guaranteed to be a record year for live music fans. So how about we throw in a couple stand up comedy shows to the mix that will be coming through Missoula this spring. Chris Fairbanks and Steve Hofstetter will both be performing in Missoula.

Two Great Comedy Shows Are Coming to Missoula This Spring

Steve Hofstetter will be on the road with his "Kill The Butterflies" tour. He is scheduled to perform in Missoula on April 18th at the Badlander. Steve has been through Missoula before and is known for his ability to handle hecklers that come to his shows. Tickets are available for the show on Steve's website.

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Steve Hofstetter Tour 2024 Missoula
Credit: Steve Hofstetter via Facebook

Chris Fairbanks is Coming to Missoula This Spring

Another great comedian that is coming to Missoula is Chris Fairbanks. Chris will be performing at the ZACC for two shows on Saturday March 23rd. For Chris performing in Missoula is a homecoming for him since this is where he was born and raised. He has since gone on to continue to do stand up comedy, act, and be a part of a very successful podcast for the last decade called "Do You Need A Ride" with Karen Kilgariff. Chris will be performing with Brooks Whelan at the Zootown Performing Arts center in Missoula. Tickets for the show are available here.

Possibly NSFW

It's not often that I get to name drop, but Chris Fairbanks and I went to school together when we were growing up in Missoula. He is, of course, very funny and was back then too. He was voted the school "Class Clown", so it would make sense that he would go on to a successful career in stand up and I would end up on the radio.

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