Well, the Groundhog saw his shadow today, so according to Phil, we’ll be having six more weeks of winter. It’s already been a brutal winter in Montana. In December, we had snow and bitter cold that rivaled winters past. High snow totals and temperatures in the negatives has everyone feeling like winter should be over. Groundhog or not, it’s unlikely that things will warm up too much any time soon.

Have you ever noticed the way winter shows up in movies? I can think of a few winter-themed villains, and feats of human resilience that were demonstrated during fierce winter scenes. Is it just me, or do these winter movie scenes remind you of Montana?

Narnia Could Be Mistaken for Superior, Montana

It might be hard to see winter as “magical” but the snow-covered trees and forest definitely have a western Montana feel.

The Iconic Winter Scene in "Dr. Zhivago" Could be Mistaken for Miles City, Montana

When the snow is both on the inside and the outside, you know it’s cold. But a horse drawn carriage ride through an open field might make even the coldest days feel romantic for a moment. In the clip below, the way the snow covers the house like shaving cream, you could almost imagine the same scene at a farm house in eastern Montana.

The Frozen Lake Scene in "Die Another Day" Could be Mistaken for Glacier National Park

If the park won’t allow drone photography, I’m sure they’d frown on a car chase across a frozen lake. But you can’t help but notice the glacier-like resemblance of the James Bond chase scene to one of Montana’s National Parks.

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The Skiing Scene in "Inception" Could be Mistaken for Big Sky, Montana

Skiing in between the trees and down the mountain, you could almost see Inception being filmed at Big Sky, but at least at Big Sky you won’t be dodging bullets.

The Snow Scene in "The Revenant" Could be Mistaken for the Beartooth Mountains

What’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s deal with winter scenes? When you see his character in The Revenant trekking across the snowy expanse, imposing mountains on all sides, the enormity definitely reminds you of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness.

At least most of us won't have to worry about being attacked by a bear.

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