A good portion of the United States will be focusing on one of sports biggest events this weekend. The Super Bowl. Whether you tune in for the game, the commercials, or the half time performance, people will be watching. We don't have any professional sports teams in Montana, but we do have some amazing athletes born in Montana that have competed at the highest level in their sport of choice. 

Montana Born Athletes 

There have been many athletes that have gone to school in Montana or have ties to Montana that have gone on to successful careers in athletics. It would be extra special if some day, athletes from Montana were able to compete at a professional in their home state. That isn't going to be happening for a while. We may never get a professional team in Montana. 

The Most Montana Born Athletes 

Out of all the sports we probably have had more professional rodeo athletes than any other sport. The list is long and impressive of the professional athletes that were born in Montana. We have had world champions in many different rodeo disciplines. Out of all the professional rodeo athletes, Montana has had three "All Around World Champions" born here. Dan Mortensen in 1997, Benny Reynolds in 1961, and Bill Linderman in 1950. 

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It's Exciting To See Montanans Compete 

I have had the privilege of seeing some of these athletes compete live and in person and there was something special about all of them. I have been lucky enough to have met Dan Mortensen, Larry Krystkowiak, Darian Stevens, and Quinn Wolferman. 

You Never Know The Next Montanan That Will Be A Pro 

Next time you go to watch the University of Montana or Montana State University play you never know who will be heading to the pros one day. The next time you get the chance to go to a rodeo, you may be lucky enough to see some of the best in the world compete, who are from right here in Montana. The next time you ride a chairlift, you may be sitting next to a gold medal winner from our home state. 

11 Montana Born Professional Athletes


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